Friday, May 29, 2009

Life Playing Basketball

by Ary

In the beginning of 8th grade I got into basketball, because all my friends told me to. I didn't want to because last year I got hurt and couldn't play. So this year I tried out and I was happy I made it. I played three games and then got benched because I was ineligible. When my coach, Ms. Doubley, told me that I was so mad at myself, because I had a 1.75, so close to the 2.0 I needed in order to play. The next game my team lost, and at that point in time I got myself and my grades together. I never wanted to get benched again, but that didn't seem to work out.

The third marking period I got benched again... I got in so much trouble! My mom was so worried. She asked me, “Do you care if you graduate or not?” Right then and there I had a lot of things on my shoulders, but I knew the first step was doing well on my tests and turning in my homework. So what I did was try to get a C+ in almost all my classes. I almost got a 3.00 but didn’t quite.

Basketball has had a major impact on my life, I never thought that I was going to get good grades, because a lot of people said that I was going to fail in most of my classes, but I didn’t listen to them and I got a 2.75. I’ve had a great year mainly because of basketball, because it’s taught me so many things, like responsibility, and organization.

I play basketball every day now, and I will never forget how not caring about my grades can affect what I want to do and what I need to do. The reason why I play basketball now is because it will keep me on track. My friends, mom, and basketball coach are happy because I did well on my studies.

Now I need to make sure that I am organized and turn in all of my work. My goal for high school is to have a 3.50 and higher, because I don’t want to stop playing basketball. I love the sport and I’m good at it so I just need to make sure I get into a great high school that will keep me on track and help me with my studies.


Skolnik said...

I'm so glad you have basketball to motivate you! And that you discovered this year that you CAN get the grades you want. Congratulations. I have a feeling you'll do well in high school.

Anonymous said...

that was a great story I hope you do get a 3.50 or better in high school and you're a great basketball player

aijinae said...

this is such a good story,you did a good job telling us how u really feel about basketball....and you're so good at it..keep up the good work!!!!

$$Mrs. Williams$$ said...

ary i like that you wrote about how you don't want to lose basketball

Brandon said...

You r good at basketball but you r not better than me :] hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe)hahahahahahahahahaha