Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Olympics

by BH

It all started when I wanted to start playing sports. My dad went to go look around for a sport that I want to play, and out of the blue the next day he asked me if I wanted to play track and field. I said I was interested in the field part of track, where you have to throw stuff, like the shot put and the discus and javelin. So I tried it out, and I liked it.

First had to get conditioned, and that’s the worst part, because we had to run four miles everyday and that was it. Finally, my coach led me over to the pit and said it was time to start throwing.
After that there was a track meet on a Saturday. It was my first meet and I came in first place. When I got home, my dad gave me money for getting in first place! Then I really started to like it. I kept going on and on, winning.

Then I made it to the nationals. The nationals were very hard because there were lots of people there, and they were good, like me. So I had to try to take that extra step of effort if I wanted to win very badly, and I did. When I got back to the track they announced that I made it to the Jr. Olympics. I was so excited!

I got the information and it was located in Florida, so I went with my mom. It was very hot and misty, and there was lightning, but I still won! And that’s the story of how I won the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This experience taught me a lot. It showed me that you won’t know if you like something until you try it. I went from just thinking track and field might be fun to becoming an Olypmic gold medalist!


kevin said...

wow brah, that was a deep ending, i think i might do that, otherwise good job on the track, wat bout school

Araxi said...

Wow! That's really impressive. I can't imagine how proud you must have felt.

Brandon said...

Damn! you must have been really strong:]

dre said...

WOOWWW!I would never thought you was in the olympics.great job.