Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reflection on Maus

by Blargon

In the story Maus, I can relate to Artie not really understanding where his dad's coming from because as in my case, like Artie and Vladek, my dad and I come from two different worlds.

My father and Vladek come from worlds where they were not accepted for who they were/are. They were treated like less of a person by racist whites who believed that they were superior to them.

My dad, for example, grew up in all-white Castro Valley, an area where he was constantly stopped by the police. They thought he'd come in from Oakland and that he couldn't possibly live there.

My father was the only African American student at his high school and was constantly picked on. At school dances, he had no one to dance with because he basically wasn't allowed to dance with the white girls.

My father's counselor once told him that he shouldn't bother with college because he wasn't college material, but my father went on to get his master's degree.

This, fortunately, isn't the life I know. I believe I have the same opportunities in life as anyone. Sure, there are still racist people in the world, but we have come a very long way from what Vladek and my father had to endure. During my life, I have and will be given many opportunties my father never had. I intend to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. LG (life is good).

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Anonymous said...

Good job on a thoughtful and well-written comparison. You must be a sensitive person to have seen a similarity between the two father/son relationships.

I also enjoyed your upbeat conclusion.