Friday, April 24, 2009

First day back from spring break

by Monkeygirl

Ok this is how this goes. Have you ever been played? Well I have. Lol just playing, but on Monday, our first day back from spring break, I wanted to fight three people.

One person I wanted to fight was because I told that dirty girl not to touch my face and she tried to smash on me talking bout she gone punch me in my face and all that b.s. Well instead of me walking away like I usually do I smashed back and told her straight up “you need not to touch my face before I take off on you, u are too dirty to touch me.” Then she gone say im going to slap you, and I told her I was waiting for her to do it but she was being scary. So after that I was talking to my best friend and telling her that I don’t care I will fight her and her cousin.

So then after school I guess she told her cousin. So her cousin comes up and slaps me in my face. So now im mad and ready to take off my backpack and stuff, and the girl cousin and me are arguing. Then our assistant principle gone try to pull me aside, but I kept walking. She said if I don’t come here she is going to suspend me for five days. She was telling me that I was wrong for taking the bait and snapping at her and that I did the right thing by not fighting her.

At lunch before all of that happened this girl gone DEMAND me to move from her table because she didn’t like me. I didn’t move I finished my conversation. Then I remembered that I was supposed to meet someone at the library so I told my best friend lets go, and I walked away and I had said, “I don’t like these dirty females at this school.” So then she come up behind me and asked if I called her dirty? And my best friend said no I didn’t. I start yelling at my best friend because she always trying to protect me every time and I wanted to fight her so dang bad she was doing way to much after that I was still mad.

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hahahaha nice very funny