Friday, April 24, 2009


by Llover

Theres this really awesome party that I want to go to on Saturday night. E and a few other people from my school are going. Its a birthday party for this girl named S. Shes a 7th grader at Redwood Day. Its a themed birthday party. The theme is a wedding her and her ex boyfriend. Ok well they broke up on Wednesday but they decided to still go with the plan. So theres this whole wedding set up and its like a wedding between to gangs. And the people invited have to ply a certain key role in the wedding. Like Im supposed to play A’s (S's ex) mom....and E's A’s sister. There will be a photographer and stuff like that. Then a person get murdered. But no one knows till the end of the party. Throughout the party the guests are supposed to try and find out who gets murdered and who is the murder and why they murdered that person. It sounds pretty fun plus your supposed to dress the part.Yea and E and I are going to have a sleepover
cause its like one of those parties that last until like 4 in the morning. I already got these really cute shoes and a dress to match! Lol. S’s really nice I hope she goes to Tech that would be really fun. Since there will already be alot of people I’ve known for along time going to Tech and together we will ROCK THE HOUSE! lol Ok bye!

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Skolnik said...

Did you go? Was it fun?