Friday, April 24, 2009

Basketball Game

by Too+Fresh=Fresher

Tomorrow I’m going to play super hard because this is my last game and I want to win. I’m going mostly take it the basket when I get the ball I’m not going to be scared. I’m going to get a least 3 rebounds. I’m going to get a least 3 steals. I’m going to try to make 6 points will I’m going I going get 3 rebounds this am my goal. For my basketball game s**t I want everyone playing playing a*s hard as I’m going to do. We going to play hard we going to win this game. Will that a least im going to try but yeah idk if im going to play basketball in high school. I think I could make the basketball team in high school. I will never know until I get in high school. Im going to keep playing basket ball in the summer so I could make it because I really want to make it so yeah I guess maybe I can make will I really want to play volley ball also so I would never know to high school come its really not that long for high school come since the test are on there way so want have to wait that long but im going to practice in high school though.

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