Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prologue Part 2

By Shadow

“Liam?” The shy, scared voice of a young child spoke.

She was alone with a handful of beautiful flowers from the edge of the forest. All colors of the rainbow were in the grasp of her tiny hands, every single color. They were bright and fresh, the opposite of the feeling the little girl had. Her face showed weakness and fear. Her cheeks weren’t a calm pink, but a flushed red. Everything about her expression showed she was in danger.

The only thing that weren’t shaken were her sparkling blue eyes. It made her look cute and innocent, tempting to anyone. Her eyes showed a small hint of fright, but mainly curiosity as they stared straight into the mysterious forest. She wondered why her brother had told her not to go into the forest. What was in there that was so bad? It didn’t look bad.

Before the girl could wonder much longer about the whereabouts of the forest, she spotted an old man hiding among the near border trees. She was curious, but the girl was smart not to walk towards the stranger. She knew he may mean danger. Her brother had said unknown things were dangerous, like their father. The girl started to turn, heading back towards the road.

That was when he saw her as well, but he didn’t move from his place in the trees. Still, he whispered to her. “Hey, little girl.” He could barely be heard, but the girl paused and turned around, bring the flowers she held to her chest. The old man continued. “Don’t be scared, I’m no threat.”

The girl didn’t smile nor frown, but her voice was as sweet as the flowers she held. ”Are you sure?” She saw the old man smile.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He answered.

The girl sighed as she put one of the flowers in her hair. She looked up to the man. “I’m lost.” She saw the man smile a little, his wrinkles fully showing.

“I guessed that.” He stepped forwards and out of the trees. His hand went out to the girl as he started the way towards the streets. “I’ll take care of you.”

“Okay.” The little girl answered bravely as she took the old man’s hand in her while holding the bunch of flowers in her other hand. She totally forgot about her brother as the warmth of another hand hit hers. She felt safe.

The man started towards a house on the edge of the others. It had no close neighbors, yet the bright yellow and blue coloring made it look inviting. He took out a key and let go of the girl’s hand as he did so. The door opened to the touch of the key’s turn. The girl’s eyes started to widen at the sight of the house. It was small from the outside, but the inside seemed large.

The whole place was mainly a living room with a couch and a mini television. Everything else was wilderness related. There were a few animal heads on the walls and a huge bear skin on the floor. Some swords and bows were hung up as well, but she could tell they were more than just decorations. No dust lay on them, none at all.

“Do you like it?” The old man asked the girl while taking off his light jacket and setting it on a rack. The girl just nodded and took her jacket off as well, mimicking the old man. “You’ll be sleeping here,” The man started to talk about rules and where to find things, but the girl was already absorbed in the weapons held on the walls, specifically looking at the bow and arrows.

She reached out to touch the arrow’s point. “I wouldn’t play with that.” She paused, then kept her hands to herself.

The girl looked at the man as she walked to the small table and set her flowers down, then walked back to the same wall. Her eyes shone in wanting. “Can I learn to use it?” She asked.

The old man came over to the girl and reached over her to grab the bow and arrows off the wall. He got on his knees slowly to let her see well. “You want to learn how to use these?” the young girl set her hair behind her ears, then nodded. “Very well then.” The girl’s face lit up. The old man just smiled back.

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Anonymous said...

Well? What happens next? Was the man's smile kindly or evil? Keep writing!