Thursday, April 23, 2009


by Shadow

No. She can’t just have disappeared!

My eyes scanned the area, but only trees came into view. I could hear my own heart starting to race faster and faster as each second went by.

I closed my eyes. Maybe this was a dream. It was a nice idea. There was only one problem, it wasn’t. My vision didn’t change to warm, bright sunlight that shined through the blinds like a usual morning. Instead, it stayed the same dark forest as I opened my eyes. Damn.

I started to run. No, sprint. I sprinted forwards, but paused. The forest around me spun and I could barely see where the trees lightened to meet the town streets. I didn’t want to get lost myself. Right now I was just on the border of the forest, but that could change easily to becoming the deep core of the engulfing tree. I had no plan in loosing myself along with my sister.

“Paige!” I hollered desperately. Please be an answer. No answer. “Paige, where are you?!” I was frantic. She was only three years younger than me, how could she get lost?

I brought me hands to the rim of my mouth, trying to echo my voice as I yelled. ”Pa-aige!” Her name was barely a word through my screaming lungs. That was how hard I had yelled, how hard I wanted to find my sister. All I could think about was how much Father would ate me for loosing my six year old sister.

Why today? Why not any other day? Because it was fate, that’s why. I don’t believe in anything at all, but fate. It was fate that I had lost my little sister on Mother’s departure. It had to be. Nothing else could give me a reason for loosing her on such a drastic day. Just two years ago, our mother had passed away. Exactly two years ago. See what I mean? It was fate.

I turned around, feeling helpless and defenseless to what would happen to the little brunette now. My feet trudged, not wanting to face my father at all. I cracked my knuckles, feeling stupid and wanting to kill myself now. She was right next to me! Then boom, gone.

My eyes quickly adjusted to the sun as I stepped out of the forest. It seemed so happy and welcoming, oblivious to what had just happened in the dark forest. I sat down at the roots of a tree, rethinking whether I should spill to Father. I started to think.

No, I won’t tell him. Instead I’d search the whole town and if I don’t find her…no, I will find her. I’ll hide in the city, though. She wouldn’t be stupid to wander too far into the forest, I know it.

There, I decided what to do. I didn’t want to go back to Father for afraid of what my punishment would be forest such a drastic thing. Instead, I’d run away. I’d run away from home, all because of my little sister. I stood and started to run again. My breath started to race again.

First, I’d have to find somewhere to live. Then, I would search.

I knew right then and there, I have a hell of a journey in front of me. My whole life just turned a huge leaf. No, bigger than huge. Gigantic.

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Anonymous said...

Will Liam find Paige? Is Paige in danger? Stand by... I enjoyed your use of language that makes this spooky.