Friday, April 24, 2009


by Roger Sims

We,the people should legalize marijuana. it would help the economy and is already the most grown crop of California. Marijuana is the least obnoxious and violent drug .If they could put an “ok” age limit on alcohol and cigarettes then they should definitely be able to put an age limit on good old grass .EVERYONE likes smoking pot excluding the people that only dislike the drug for making them nervous or paranoid. pot makes food taste better,music sound better,and bad days feel better,it could even be called a all natural anti depressant. its seriously the bees knees. everyone would be so much happier with this. it could even make California have a way higher tourist attraction. imagine being able to plan a trip and telling your friends tour going to a place that has legalized marijuana. There is really no downside on legalizing this wonderful plant. If you didn't like smoking pot,then don't do it? What kind of jerks don't want California to be a happier and peaceful place. marijuana simply enhances your imagination...

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Jessica S. said...

Another benefit to legalizing marijuana in CA would be the tax revenue that could be made on its sale. That money could be used to better fund schools!