Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reflection on The Freedom Writers Diary

by Asia-Amani101

My reflection on The Freedom Writers Diary is that it is a wonderful book for teenagers to read because most people can relate to the characters in the book and also the movie. I think that The Freedom Writers Diary explains a lot that goes on in the human life and what most teens go through during high school and also their at home life. I think that all teens should read this book so that they can read about what other kids their age have been through, such as getting jumped, spit on, called names, etc. To me, The Freedom Writers Diary makes you open your eyes and see the real world and what people have to go through in order to get respect.

Freedom Writers is a lot like the movie- it explains the same things that go on in the movie. I'm happy I picked this book because it's very interesting and easy to relate to. My group has read up to pg. 40 or higher. I think everyone in the group enjoys reading this book and feels the same about the book as I do. I enjoy working with my the people in my group because we are all girls and we are all friends. I wouldn't change my book for another because I like Freedom Writers and I like reading about what people have been through in life.

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Anonymous said...

Although I'm not a teenager, your enthusiastic review makes me want to read "The Freedom Writer's Diary."