Saturday, December 13, 2008

My room


One place that I know well is my room. I have one closet, two dressers, and two beds. In the left corner is my TV and on the side is my computer. In the right corner is a lamp. It is long and black and shines really bright.
My walls are painted periwinkle purple and my doors and closets are white. I have a dell computer that I don’t use very often. On my computer table is my cell phone. It’s a metro. I use it a lot especially when I text my friends. On one side of the beds, I have posters of people. On my beds, I have a lot of stuffed animals. I have snakes, turtles, teddy bears, and a plush pillow.
My room is very unique to me. It is kind of like my personality which is very good. My room is very special to me and I would never change it. I think my room is a part of me.

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