Saturday, December 13, 2008

My room

by llover

A place I know really well is my room. I see my 2 book shelves, a desk, dresser, nightstand, bed, built-in closet and a lot of my personal stuff. The walls are painted blue and my dresser, desk, night stand, and built-in closet are painted white. My 2 book shelves and my bed are painted a healthy light brown with a finishing glossy touch. On my desk, I have a red lamp, a corkboard filled with old notes, pictures, key chains and pins, a phone holder, a picture of me when I was around 8 holding my pet hamster, 2 pictures of my parents and a lot of old letters, notes and pictures.

I have a tall book shelf and a short one. The tall one has 6 shelves. On the top shelf, I keep some of my “creations” from art class. On my 2nd shelf (going down) I have a picture of my family when we were in Hawaii and a lot of mementos from my other travel experiences. The third shelf holds all my series. For example, Twilight series, oops I meant it holds all my picture albums. The fourth shelf holds all my series books. My fifth shelf holds all my comic books. And finally my 6th shelf holds all my documentary war novels. On my other bookshelf, (the short one), I have 3 shelves. On the top shelf, I have all my electronics, iPod camera and iDog phone all charging. On the 2nd shelf (going down) I have all my Manga series. It literally takes up the whole shelf (I might need another one). The 3rd shelf are all my guilty pleasures, my Gossip girl series and the Clique novels.

As for my nightstand, I have a lamp full of shells and a clock. In the one drawer, I have a bunch of old journals me and my friends wrote in. On my dresser, I have a big mirror. To the left is an umbrella shaped metal (red) stand that holds all my earrings. In the center is a wooden boat shaped bowl holding all my make up (lip gloss, blush, mascara, etc.). To the right is a black plastic “hand shaped” figure holding all my rings. Plus a jewelry box (2) one holding my necklaces, another holding my bracelets. On the floor next to my tall bookcase are magazine holders filled with People and Us. Next to that, behind the door is a huge box (plastic, blue) filled with my stuffed animals. My room is a special place to me and I hoped I shared that with you.

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