Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Neighborhood


I live in West O****. I feel like that is the heart of O. I live across the street from C****Village on 10th and W*****. When I’m at home, I worry about people. I worry about people like my brothers. I hear gunshots that lead to people's bodies dropping whether they are dead or not.
I feel like I know this place very well. I know the stop signs like the back of my hand. I feel that if I didn’t live in West O*****, I might as well be dead. I live in a duplex at the bottom in a 5 bedroom house. All the people that live in the place I call home are my mom, my 2 sisters, my nephew, my dog and of course, me. If I had a choice of a rich family in a rich neighborhood, I most definitely would choose West O***** and my people.
I really love West O**** because I have family everywhere I turn. I know that if I was anywhere else, anything could happen to me. But living in West O*****, it feels good to know you have people who will kill for you. Having family on every corner does have its consequences. It means you can’t be caught slipping, doing anything bad, because best believe your mother would know. But I wouldn’t change it for the world because I love West O*****.

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