Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Home


My home is in East O*****. When you walk inside my house, its heaven. You can hear my bad brothers running around. You hear my grandmother in her bedroom watching TV. Her favorite channel. Her favorite TV show. When you walk around the table, through the kitchen, either in my mom’s room, the bathroom, or outside, you can hear my mom talking hecka loud to her cousin, etc. At night, since my aunty lives in the back, my aunty does something with her boyfriend like partying, watching movies, etc.
When you’re in my house, you can smell one of the best things. Man! Like when you're in the living room you can smell the breeze in the whole room. Probably my mom's hair because she had been in the shower using that shampoo and conditioner. My grandmother and my mom in the kitchen, WOW! Let me tell you. Looks good; tastes good and smells hecka good.
Now from talking about smell and hearing things in my house, I’m gonna tell you about taste. Well, this subject is only in the kitchen. My mom’s chicken legs are off the hook crazy good. It tastes like it's your birthday. My aunt’s rice krispie treats are better than the company’s ones. Man is that so good. To me you know what’s really good? I’ll tell you. My dad’s steak. WOO! That’s all. Thanks.

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