Saturday, December 13, 2008



The most beautiful, fresh, and favorite place that I have lived is Eritrea in East Africa. That place is like the smell of a hot baked fresh bread. It has peaceful sounds of birds singing and the trees glow with the sound of leaves moving. Eritrea is the only place that doesn’t have any weather damages that have been done to the country nor any drought that killed people's thirst. I like Eritrea because of the peace that has been restored and the fun that all children and adults share. I hope that I could go back to that place. No wonder I miss the place. Maybe one day I will go back and feel the love for my country.
I always told myself that Eritrea wasn’t just a normal country when compared to the other countries in Africa. There is something special about the country that always inspired me to think that it has natural gifts from God, which mostly comes from the people’s beliefs and how much they really believe in God. Living there is an unforgettable event in my life and I will remember it always.
As I have seen before, there aren’t that much of any tourists that visited the country but if you really see the news there isn’t anything wrong you can find about the country. The thing that interests me about it is that when you look at the whole country’s improvement it is really incredible. You see a lot of people working all over the country. That really makes you think they are really hard workers.

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