Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Grandma's House

My favorite place to be when I am not at school is my grandma’s house. I know my grandma’s house like the back of my hand. It is so fun to be there because I get to hang out with my triplet aunties. I love to leave and walk around the neighborhood with my family. It is so much fun when we get to have parties there. I really love that house. My grandma has two bedrooms in her house. She also has two bathrooms. The back yard is so big with two dogs back there. The front yard has plants and flowers. The kitchen is medium and it’s where we are going to have our Thanksgiving dinner.
My favorite part of the house is the living room. My grandma has 2 big screen TV’s in there. I love when we stay up all night watching scary movies. It is even scarier because we have surround sound so it is so loud. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving break, because that’s where I’m going.

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Anonymous said...

Childhood memories last forever. Keep remembering the good family times.