Friday, November 13, 2009

Perspectives #1: The Story from Algernon's Point of View

by Da'Vine

march 7
today there was a lot of balding, big, and whisker less was much different than usual,there was like a whole extra ten of the mutant mice.a new mutant mouse came in and he looked really freaky. they put me in box with walls around it and one opening.i ran.then freaky man looked at something beyond the box. I got to the food.
weird freaky mutant said something.would he have said something about me.does he have a problem with me.i wonder if he will ever talk to is getting boring because i want to interact by listening.its calming to me. i like getting done with the path game so I can have food.

april 6
today the freaky mutant came again.he has made me so much calmer.when ever he leaves or i get to food before he looks at me he starts to talk to me.but something weird happened.the freaky mutant looked at me before I got to the food.after that he got all was pretty creepy.i didn’t know how to i just looked up and ate my food.i even heard him say"i beat him,i beat him!!!"
then i went back to the beginning to another path.when I was running I heard a huge bop that came from the ground.the next thing you know you see the creepy guy jump up.he sits down in the chair very excitedly.after that I kept going back to the beginning to start another path faster than ever.after a while the creepy mutant talked at me for a while.that made me calm for the nite.i slept well.

may 15
i was being taken out of the room in my cage.they put me in a big round uneven moving thing.when we passed the door there was a lot of other weird mutants.lots of big boxes.with really big mirrors attached to the out side.they looked really tall.
i kept asking myself a was “were am i.”i was really confused.the creepy looking mutant looked very different.i wonder wat happened.did he always look like I seeing things.any ways we stoped moveing.
we opened the box that was moving.then I got to see big box with mirrors on the outside even looked really big.we went through the was really scary.there was so many weird mutants.i couldn’t count.i nearly lost my little breath.or at least my breath is little to these big mutant mice.their breath is like a big tornado to me.
i went on a big ground with a sudden drop.but I was on the creepy mutants paw.we were in front of so many mutants.i figured that I should just go on my back so i don't black out.i tried it and it made me feel so much better.

may 23
I am feeling so unusual.i don’t know what is happening.i wonder if that is weird.i think I have an attitude now.the creepy mutant came in today.i think he is just visiting me.he does it some times.i think I am going to get really mad if he picks me up.i think I am going to bite him.well of course he picks me up.then I bite him.he was really surprised by it.then he put me down in my one messed with me for the rest of the day.

may 24
I feel like I am really not my self.i don’t know what to do.i never want to do the path any more.i don’t even want to look smart and pick the button that gives me food.i never want to do anything any more.they did something to my head a while ago.i think they did.but maybe something got changed.what will happen to me in time.what if I hurt myself.that isn’t going to help me.i am getting scared.what am I going to do.

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