Monday, November 9, 2009

Extended Ending #2

by Superchick

Progress Report-My new life Dec.2

I at leist rember how two speil PROGRESS REPORT I no I speiled it wright becus I looked at al my old PROGRESS REPORTS . Evry one in a wile I look back and see how good I used to wright . Im not all the way dum ant I stil rember a fuw things . I went to live in californya . It don’t get much cold here . I miss miss.Kinnian and I miss Algernon . I somtims think about going to visit miss.Kinnian and Algernons grave but I don’t want to miss them when I have to come back . It wus hard to find a plase to stay and a plase to work . When I first got here a old man started to tell me where I shold live and were I shuld go to work . He was nice .

Progress Report-Dec.5

I keep firgeting what day it is . Today I have ben feeling som pains in my chest but I think its becus of the way I sleep . My head also hurts when my chest does two . I hope the pains go away becus its making me wory . I wonder If Algernon felt this pain .

Progress Report-Dec.7

I went to work today and I stil have the pains . I culdnt constentrait on anething . When I came home I stood stil just staring at my wall .

Progress Report-Dec.8

Last nite I had a dream about my parents . I think it was my parents . I think it was a dream . The only thing I rember wus that I wus running and I had ice cream . I triped and fell . The two people I think wus my parents piked me up and hugged me . Ther wus maybe more but I don’t rember . Today Im going for a walk and got lost . I sat on the bench and closed me eys to think for a little .

Progress Report-Dec 9

I don’t know how I got here but im in the hostpital . The nurse said that I have a cold . I don’t know why she said that becus I don’t feel cold . Did she mean cole . what is that .

Progress Report-Dec 10

I met the doctr todai and he sed he had something important to tell me that the nurs did not say . He sed I had sumthing wrong with ma . I told him there was no thing wrong with me and that im just dumb . He asked if I were afraid of dieing and I told him no and that I no it wus coming . He looked at me for a wile and started to look sad .

Progress Report-Dec 11

The doctor told me that he had bad news and that I had to have riscky operashun .

Im tired of operashuns . He told me that I might not wake up . I told him I would do it and that if I don’t wake up what wuld happen . He said I wuld die .

Progress Report-Dec .12

Im about to go to the operashun room . I hope I will wake up but if I don’t I know that I will go where algernon is going

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