Monday, November 9, 2009

Extended Ending #3

by Holmie

August 1 I arived in oakland today. Its a very nice town. I used the money from the operashun to ride the plane. While I was on the plane I tried to read the book I brought along but couldnt. I found a apartment in alameda but theres not much around here. I was near a airport so planes took of every day but not as often as in New York.

August 6 Today I got a job. I work in a factory again still as a janitor. Its right outside the airport but I learned its not a airport, its a Naval Air Station. I learned that many people life and work on it but they wont let me on even to look around. I thought it was mean how they let people live on it but I couldnt just walk around it to look at it.

I have new friends now at my new job. They like me just as much as Joe Carp and Frank Reilly. My new friends will stand up for me too no ones mean to me. Sometimes people laff at me but I don't know why no one ever said that they pulled a Charlie Gordon though. I think theyre going to like me more because they never new me as the “quiz kid” like that new guy back in New York.

August 10 There is a new adult nite school that I will be going to soon. The day isnt hard to remember because its the same as Miss Kinnian's. Boy do I miss her. Sometimes I never wish I left or that I could have talked to her before I left. I think that was a really bad idea.

August 11 Today I went to a party with my new friends. They all had alcohol but didn't make me have any. Im glad about that because my old friends made me have some and then made fun of me. The job is going well. My boss Ms. Mall is nice to me and pays me well she gave me money before I earned it so that I could get a house. I still don't have a car so I have to walk but it's not to far only a few blocks. She even stands up for me when someone tries to pull a joke. This makes me fell save and everyone is nice to me usually. Even more after she does that.

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