Friday, January 9, 2009



a poem by BrownBomber#4

Some of the Problems and Consequences of Being a Teenager

Why join a gang?

To get respect?

You’re not going to find it.

You’ll end up dead or doing time.

So Why?

Why do drugs?

To be cool?

You’re not going to be.

You’ll just end up dead, addicted, out of school, or living on the street.

So Why?

Why get pregnant?

That’s up to you.

What are you going to do after that?

You’ll probably have to drop out of school, get a job, or two to pay for the things you’ll need.

So Why?

Why drink beer or alcohol?

To be cool?

That’s still not going to happen.

You’ll find yourself an alcoholic, out of school, mental problems, or physical pain.

So Why?

Why fight?

To get back at someone?

You’ll get that but at what price?

Being kicked out of school, jail, physical pain, or mental pain?

So Why?

Why waste your time doing these things that would cause harm to you or others? Instead of doing these things you could be getting all the things that are helpful to you for your future.

So before you do these things, think about the consequences and ask yourself:


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Anonymous said...

I am very inspired by your poem. I will be showing it to my Son. I can't wait to read the rest of the blog.