Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bowwow's Lucky Keychain: A Journal Entry

by Asia-Amani101

My name is Detective Amani, I am trying to find out who stole Bowwow's lucky keychain.
It all started when he was in the dressing room getting ready to sing "Let Me Hold You". He walked outside to see his girlfriend Ciara. When he walked back in the room and to his dresser it wasn't there.
"Oh my god, where is my chain?"
After that I got a phone call on my cell, it was Bowwow and Ciara. They told me that they needed me to find the lucky keychain.
"I am on my way." I said as I got in my car.
When I got there I asked everyone in the lobby if they had seen the keychain, but no one had seen it. I went back to the room to see if I could find it.
I stepped on something, and guess what it was, Bowwow's lucky keychain.
One sunny Sunday I got another phone call from Ciara.
"Hey Amani, I need your help I don't know where Bowwow is"!
"What? Where do you think he is"?
"I don't know just find my boo".
"Your boo? Girl don't make me slap you through this phone"!
Click, I hung up on her, then I called Bowwow.
"Boy where are you"?
"I am in Michigan". He said it like everything was fine.
"What are you doing in Michigan"?
"Trying to get away from Ciara".
"Why you tryna' get away from her"?
"I don't want to be her boo no more".
"Why not"?
"Cause' she ugly and she can't sing".
"Well I'll meet you in Michigan at 228 Redwood st., by NeNe house. I'll bring Ciara to so that you can pick if you want to be with her or not".
"Okay see you when you get here".
Then I got another phone call from Ciara.
"Amani, I am for real I really need your help. Sorry, sorry,sorry"!
"Okay let's take a trip a to Michigan to get this off your mind".
"What about...............".
"Okay just meet me at my house at 1:15, bye".
That same day Ciara came to my house she was crying.
"Why are you crying Ce Ce"?
"I was just thinking that maybe Bowwow was mad and left because of me".
"And if he did that's no need to cry, you just won't be his girlfriend just a friend".
"But we have been friends for so long it can't end like this".
"Well sometimes things end when you don't want to, nothing but a number line goes on forever, and at some point that has to end".
"Well unless it's a great relationship right"?
"Well I don't know just keep what I said in your head".
"Amani, you're the best! Let's go".
To be continued...

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Jessica S. said...

This story is quite imaginative. I wonder what will happen when the story continues!