Sunday, January 25, 2009

It’s All About ME!: A Journal Entry

by Shadow

If I could rule the world for a month, I would first make sure I was well fed. Yes, I am a big glutton for that part but how can a society live with a hungry leader? Good question to ask yourself next time you call a leader greedy. Second, I wouldn’t make schools cost anything and I would get rid of textbooks all together. I hate textbooks, and that way teachers would teach whatever they knew all year long and school wouldn’t be required at all. You could arrive at school and leave school whenever you wanted, so kids would actually want to learn after a while. Also, there’d be no such thing as detention for skipping classes. In fact, there would be no detention at all; the students who misbehaved would just be sent home early. My laws would be simple: do what is right. If someone were to complain about some people or someone in particular, I’d banish the offending parties to Mars, but first I’d make Mars like another Earth, only for outcasts. They would have the raw basics for living, like food and shelter, and once they had shown they learned their lesson, only then would they come back to earth to live with the rest of the human race. On Mars, people could do whatever they wanted since I wouldn’t rule that planet, but I’d have most of the population on my side so they couldn’t fight very strongly.

I would make a rule that parents could only see their kids on the kids’ schedules. So parents only would be nosy when it was needed, a real guardian and not a over-reacting parent. Parents are just too nosy which diminishes the bond between them and the children. As a child, I know firsthand about these types of things as well, so I see it from the student’s perspective.

I would also get rid of cars and motorcycles that pollute the earth. Walking would become more common and our species would become less obese. Also, people would have to live closer together since there would be no way to get anywhere too fast (unless you had an extremely good athlete in your family). As a computer addict, I wouldn’t get rid of electricity, but I would get rid of any buildings over five stories tall. There would be no such thing as guns, but sarcasm and joking was always okay. You can’t really make racism against the law since most of us do it without thinking. If ut were outlawed, everybody would be sent to Mars, including me, by the end of the week. However, if someone were to get hurt or injured by either words or physically, I’d have a plan for that. Each person would have their own domesticated animal that they could always have as a loyal friend. The animal could summon help if needed for their “master” or just keep them company. If the owner were to become allergic or passed on, the animal would be set free into the wild and be quickly found by a new owner. The reason they would stay domesticated rather than becoming wild creatures is because of the world becoming fully natural. Then, even the smallest animal could survive without any kind of training. I might even think of crossbreeding some species so that we could invent a new species that would help us even more then the ones today.

More things I would do if I were in charge would be to get rid of paper, that green trade stuff known as money. Money is taking hold of our lives these days and life needs to be more suspenseful and unpredictable, not just about finding something and buying it for the price someone states. People should be able to bargain like the old ways of the Native Americans, and make deals at their own costs, not what someone tells them to pay. One thing that would be required though was to teach our younger generations how to either hunt or grow crops plus learn to make a shelter so even at a young age, they could learn how to live on their own if anything were to happen.

The last thing I would do would be to try and bring the population of humans down a bit and let things happen naturally. If an ice age wanted to hit, so be it, and same with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, anything really. By taking tall buildings away like I said before though, less people would get hurt and then there would be less to fear of everything. My way, there’d be no fear of natural disasters anymore, just people calmly awaiting them in blissful thoughts. In my world, humans as a species wouldn’t endanger themselves with all the high-tech stuff they invent these days. They would know and think better.

All together, in one month I could and would make the world much different as the ruler of the world. Earth would be safer in environments, natural disasters, medical problems, and much more. I would make the world a better place to live…or so I hope.


Anonymous said...

is it just me, or should this person run for president some day? great job!

Anonymous said...

You have lovely dreams. It's a shame that all dreams don't come true. Peace.