Sunday, January 25, 2009

Journal Entry

by Arracutie

There was once a young girl named Hannah. Her father and mother had been separated for as long as she could remember. But this day, her fifth birthday, she had something to celebrate. Her father Tom had met woman, a woman named Ana.

Ana was a sweet lady. Each day she would come home with a new book for Hannah, brownies, or flowers. She would wash Hannah with the rose lavender bubble bath she said would make Hannah’s skin shine, and hugged her as often as she smiled.

Finally, Hannah’s wish would come true. Her father had asked Ana to marry him, and they would now be that perfect family she had always envied. She had cavorted around the room when she had heard the news, and dreamed sweet dreams every night, waiting for the special day.

They found a beautiful country house where they would hold a small marriage ceremony with only close friends and family. When the day came, they drove the long seven-hour trip to their new country home. Although Hannah got bored easily, she distracted herself by imagining the wedding.

Ana would approach Tom in her white dress, and he would smile tenderly. The priest would then recite his long, melodic lines until the end drew near. Everyone would hold their breath, as to not interrupt the meaningful words. “Till death do you part,” the priest would finish. “I do,” my father would breathe. “I…I do,” my lovely new stepmother would answer. And then they would kiss.

Hannah stared happily from the back seat, watching her parents talk. She couldn’t imagine anything better than her blissful happiness.


Anonymous said...

Arracutie: does this story tie into your own life? if so i hope its in a good way

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3
one of your friends :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if her lovely dream came true. I would love to read more.