Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Dreams

by Young Soup
My dreams have a lot of different stuff in them. I go to parties and stuff like that. Also, my dreams have people from Seattle and Oakland in them and it's funny that my dreams mix both of my lives together. Sometimes it repeats my life and I do what I did that day in my dream, and sometime I like when it does that because my day was fun and funny.
I have dreams about me being back home in Seattle and sometimes people from Oakland are in them. Also I have dreams with my mom and my brother in them, and me and my brother are doing the stuff we would do together when he was alive. My life was fun when I was in Seattle, and I am happy that I am from Seattle. But its a good thing that I moved, because I was planning on doing something very bad because of my brother being killed. My life got very bad and I hated that my life changed like that. I hate that I wanted to kill someone. He didn't have to kill my brother just because his brother got beat up. My brother shouldn't have said what he said, but thats how it is. I can't change it.
But in my dreams, I can go back to the time before that happened, and be with my mom and brother again.

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