Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ba Bump... Ba Bump... Ba Bump

by Ziggy96

After a long tiring day of ice-skating on December 3rd, I walked up the glossy wooden stairs. I heard my grandfather screaming, he was screaming "Zion HILFE!" (which meant "Zion HELP!" in German) it sounded just like the screeching of nail on a chalkboard. I started to run up the stairs and almost tripped. Once I was upstairs, I knew that there was something wrong with my grandmother.

While I was running up the stairs, I was thinking about what could have happened. At first, I thought I was in trouble but that could not be because I did not do anything wrong. I searched for my grandfather in the bathroom; nobody was there. I checked in the warm and cozy computer room, still no sign of him. I peeked in the bedroom and there he was talking to my grandmother nice and clearly. She could barley talk back and that is when my heart started to beat fast as if I were a drum in a marching band. BOOM BOOM.

My grandmother was mumbling lots of nonsense. At first she called me "Marlene." I thought maybe she was just playing around with me. But it got worse; I cried, "Where do you live Oma?" ("Oma" is German for grandma). She did not even know. I started to cry even more. My grandfather called the police and ambulance. He did not want me seeing my grandmother like that so he asked me to leave the room. I left. He invited some neighbors so they can watch my sister, Kaya, and me. I kept on crying and I just couldn't stop. My tears were running down my face and I tasted the salty teardrops.

When I looked outside to see if the ambulance was coming, I saw the red and white sirens, and heard them as clear as water. My heart stopped for a second. This was a very dramatic evening for me. I was wondering if my grandma would be okay. All of a sudden I saw the E.M.S volunteers come barging in my grandparent's house. They ran up the glossy stair. The swift E.M.S workers put Oma on the gurney and took her out the door. But before that I saw her shaking and she yelled, "don't take me away!" Or something like that.

The day after the tragedy we went to visit my grandmother in the hospital. They told us that she had brain damage and a heart attack. She kind of creped me out at first because she was so pale, I didn't really go near her at all. I was still in major shock from the day before. A few weeks passed and they let her go home. We were all very happy that she is doing well to this day.

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