Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Monster

For this journal entry, students were given a photo at random to respond to in writing.

By Da'Vine

My legs are getting sore. The leaves of the bushes are hitting me. I can still see the giant behind me. It’s holding something. I really don’t understand the monster.

It has no eyes. It does have horns and two nostrils. The monster has a cup of some sort in one of his hands. He runs with it like he’s going to do something to me with it.

I had been in the camp and everyone else was still asleep. We had been looking for the rock for 2 days now. We had stopped to sleep and find camp. We had some gutted lizard of just root soup. It was pretty tasty. When I woke up I heard something. I went out of my tent and checked. There he was.

The monster was walking in to camp. Right when I looked at him. His head just turned straight to me. He turns his body to me and starts to walk over. He has that object toward me and I had to run as fast as I could into the jungle.

This is where I found myself in the jungle. Running from something I have no idea what it is. And what it wants but I really don’t want to find out what it is.

I come to a little village. The people are now in the streets already. I come running in and screaming. The people turn to me and stare. Then I think they see that I am being chased.

They look and some smile and some just look puzzled. They make a wall and I’m confused. They stop me and I turn, I’m terrified of the monster. He comes to me and stops and kneels to me and mutters something. All the villagers laugh. I still don’t understand.

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