Thursday, November 6, 2008



Barack Obama just won the presidential election. My father keeps telling me how huge this is & how lucky I am that I'm here to witness this. I understand to a point. I understand that it is huge. That this is history in the making. And how lucky I am to witness it. I even understand Obama's speech. However I don't understand the excitement, I wasn't there to see the change. I don't feel any of the emotions. I wish I did though.

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Ben said...

But you *are* there to see the change! To many, the mere idea of a Black president seemed incomprehensible until this year. It was only 40+ years ago that African Americans could not VOTE in many areas of our country. There have only been three African American U.S. Senators in modern American history. Even Tupac said, "And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President".

Great post. Thanks for your honesty and sincerity.