Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Turn in History

by Arracutie

This is an amazing turn in history. The fact that Obama was able to win the nomination for president means that the country is ready for a huge change. Hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the polls, determined to change the course of history. Many people voted for the first time ever, knowing that this election would be one of the most memorable ones ever.
Even though I've never seen slaver or extreme racism through my own eyes, I am still able to grasp the importance of this event. Less than a hundred years ago, the election of a black president seemed impossible. The next generation of people will think the election of a black president is normal. Hopefully, our world is finally ending racism; for good.
Barack Obama's words have inspired many. I'm sure he will continue to lead our country in the right direction, amending any disagreements we have had with other countries. Thousands of people have faith in this wonderful man. I'm sure Barack Obama will live up to expectations.

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