Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring-break Poem

by AK

I wake up early to school-less freedom,
the trees shiver; April showers have begun.

I will relax till noon, then meet my friends at the mall,
then check my "to-do list" that hangs on the wall.

I feel as light as a feather,
as busy as a bee,
excitement runs through me,
there's so much to see!

Only 1 week to shine,
as bright as the sun,
to ride a slippery boat,
for endless spring fun.

To stay up all night without any fear,
full of excitement, joy, and forever cheer.

No time for hate or anger,
no time to be bummed,
the sky's the limit,
so jump, soar, and run!

This short week of fun, is a precious diamond;
to be soon buried, lost,
a sparkly finding.

I felt like a released prisoner,
wild and free, living up spring break;
as happy as can be.

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