Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blinky and the Fooblafoo

by The Hatter

Blinky was a smallish guy
A little scared, a little shy
Until he faced his fears and fought
The freakish Fooblafoo!

The Fooblafoo would terrorize
His people, and their pleading cries
Would make kind Blinky writhe from rage,
And loathe the vicious beast.

One day, the monster killed a man
As I recall, his name was Stan
That devil took him in her jaws
And chomped him quite in half!

Then Blinky's vision filled with red
He vowed to rip that beast to shreds
He stomped outside, prepared to fight
But then the monster smushed his head.

Now Blinky's not so smallish
Nor so scaredish, nor so shy
A little more depressingly-
He's now a deadish guy.

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