Thursday, February 11, 2010

My hero


I have an awesome superhero of my own. She may not be very ideal or picturesque to you…yet, but she came just in time to save the day. My hero doesn’t have mind reading powers, but she has so much understanding in her heart that you can never be mis-understood. She can’t go faster than light but she always seems to help out in the nick of time. She doesn’t have the power of knowing everything but she always has an answer for anything. She may not be able to give you everything you want but she won’t fail to deliver everything you need. If you don’t believe me, then keep reading and I’ll tell you how she does it all.

There hasn’t been a single instance when my hero mis-understood something that I’ve said or done so I would be in a bad position. For example, a teacher and I were in a bit of a conflict. My hero made a trip to my school, talked with the teacher and the principal, and saw to it that the conflict was resolved, and that it never happened again. She started working with my schools ever since. Here’s another example.

My hero doesn’t know every answer to every question like does, but if she knows it, then she’ll tell you. If she doesn’t know it, then she’ll reference you to something or say something that’ll help you to succeed in the most ways possible. If I ask her how to do a math problem, she’ll reference me to my brothers or sisters. If I ask foe some grammar help, she tells me to look it up. If I ask for some ice cream, she asks if I did my homework. I never said her answers would never be a question. I’m almost done so keep reading.

Lastly, my hero doesn’t always give me what I want, but what I need. My hero won’t always give me hamburgers and mac’n’cheese for dinner, but give me healthy food and veggies instead. She won’t let me wear a spaghetti strap under a see through top and some shorts in the winter in Alaska, but bundle me up in a large winter coat, snow pants, and boots. She’s not always going to let me gulp down soda or sugary juice, but every now and then shove milk, water, or fruit juice down my throat. She’ll give you what she sees is necessary, not what you think you need.

My hero doesn’t seem interesting to many children and teens, but she’ll always be a super hero with super powers in my eyes. My super hero saved my life from turmoil and pain, and with some help, turned me to a brighter future. My hero is the one and only, Theresa Walker.

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Anonymous said...

This one made me cry. You conveyed your love for your hero and her love for you. You are both heroes.

I enjoyed your excellent writing style, too. It's warm and clear and organized.